Kunstvolle Symbiose: Dieser Instagrammer setzt sein iPhone in Szene und kreiert lustige Comics

Während ihr das iPhone nur zum Telefonieren und Surfen nutzt, setzt der Künstler Anshuman Ghosh sein iPhone 5s gekonnt in Szene und kreiert auf simple Art und Weise kleine Comics. Wer hätte da gedacht, dass ein iPhone sowohl als Teekanne als auch als Papierschredder nützlich sein könnte. Die Fantasie hat bekanntlich keine Grenzen, so werden immer wieder neue Applikationen für das iPhone ausgedacht. Auf dem Instagram-Account -„@moography„- von Ghosh kommt die etwas andere Kunst ziemlich gut an, sodass er bereits 90.000 Follower (Stand: November 2016) feiern durfte.

Hello everyone, I completed my first full year on @instagram last month and I've been wanting to revisit some of my earlier artworks and redo them just to see how far my work has improved. In the last few months, not only has my sketching improved but I have also started building subtle complexities into my artworks which I feel have added depth to the images. The artworks have become more complex with time. Here's the first in the series where I retook at some of my earlier artworks and give a new spin to them. I had posted the original artwork in August 2015 to celebrate International Beer Day. This current rendition includes all the techniques and treatments I have learnt since then and I hope you like it. Hope you like it. If you visit the Moography Facebook page, you can see a side-by-side comparison of the two images. #oneyearoninstagram #whpeyetricks #artwork #arts_gallery #beer

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Chow mein-y roads must a man walk down…… ???

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In a build-up to Global Handwashing Day on October 15, I am working on some artwork to highlight how hand washing with soap is one of the most important health interventions in the world. Every year, almost 1.7 million children do not live to see their 5th birthdays because of diarrhoea and pneumonia. The simple act of hand washing can significantly reduce the risk of contracting diarrhoea and pneumonia by as much as half and can save lives. There is a need to create awareness in our communities about how big an impact hand washing can make. This quirky artwork is dedicated to this cause and I hope that someday, a soap dispenser will become as ubiquitous as a mobile phone everywhere in the world. #globalhandwashingday #iphoneography #artwork #arts_gallery

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Business Punk Redaktion

Hier schreibt die Business-Punk-Redaktion. Mal er, mal sie, mal gar keiner. Ach und kauft unser Heft! Danke.

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